Enjoy Our Beautiful Property

Hills and meadows, [Image: mother deer and triplets at Ravensbrook ] trees and a private pond, flower gardens and wildflowers, are just some of the natural beauty surrounding Ravensbrook.

Whether sitting in our lawn swing watching the ducks on the pond, or sipping champagne in the hot tub as the bullfrogs sing their evening chorus,you will be enchanted with the four and a half acre property that is part of Ravensbrook Bed and Breakfast.

[Image: two ducks on the pond at Ravensbrook]

[Image: two ducks on the pond at Ravensbrook]

The pond, and the wild animals who make it their home, along with the rest of the natural setting around Ravensbrook, change over time during the year. Visit us often so you can enjoy the special beauty of each season.

And if you're here in the spring, you should be able to peek at the finch who seems to have selected the wreath on the inn's front door as the best place in the world to build a nest and hatch her babies every year for the last few years!

Images of Ravensbrook Property

Click to view our photo gallery, or watch this 30-second animation of photos from around Ravensbrook B&B, below: